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YES! We are officially pulling the trigger next Sunday June 13th and going Subscription based. The all new GoGoTV is fully up and running! We have the “24/7

PROGRAMMING” channel that includes music videos, documentaries, live streams and more! We also have the “LIVE PROGRAMMING” channel that has all of your favorite DJ’s and shows. Not to mention if you miss a show. We have a PODCAST channel, so you can watch at your own leisure (Our podcasts are also available on Spotify, iTunes, IHeart Radio, TuneIn & Google Podcasts). It took some time for us to get this the way you could enjoy it fully without any issues but it’s finally ready! We hope you appreciate all the hard we have put into this for you all and support our efforts by subscribing either monthly or annually. Remember It doesn’t start until next Sunday June 13th, so take time out check out the features on the app by downloading the GoGoRadio LIVE app (if you haven’t already) and enjoy all that we have in store for you. Oh by the way; the GoGoRadio music side hasn’t gone nowhere and will be FREE always. The RADIO tab is in the footer of the app. Don’t forget that you can watch us in all the major TV Apps as well (Roku, Android TV, Apple TV,& Amazon Fire TV). Thank you for your patience, but we wanted to make we got it right for!

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